Tips for Preventing Substance Abuse

Many people wonder what the chances are of becoming addicted to substances, which can prompt either curiosity or fear. There is no proven way to guarantee that an individual will not abuse substances, but there are some things that can be done to prevent the abuse of substances and, in turn, addiction.

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Understanding Substance Abuse

If you want to prevent substance abuse, the first step is to understand how abuse develops. Individuals will typically use drugs either recreationally or as prescribed and will begin seeking a high or feeling of intoxication when taking the substance. Over time, individuals may begin abusing prescription medications, alcohol, and other substances.

Avoid Temptation

Peer pressure can be difficult to go against for some, so avoiding situations that will make you feel pressured to take substances is highly recommended. Make friends and develop relationships with individuals who do not abuse substances, as you are less likely to be around temptation when you are around these individuals.

Seek Help

Professional help is one of the most effective ways to prevent substance abuse, especially for individuals suffering from mental illness. Oftentimes in substance abuse treatment in rosemead, ca, you will find that mental illness is closely related to substance abuse and depression, PTSD, or anxiety can lead to behaviors that encourage substance abuse. Address these issues and develop coping skills that are healthy to avoid turning to drugs.

Examine Risk Factors

Look at the history of your family members and find commonalities regarding mental illness or substance abuse, as this can help you understand your risks. Understanding the risk you have of developing addictive behaviors and habits can help reduce participation in them.

Knowing this information can help individuals stay out of harmful situations that may influence them to engage in illicit drugs or substances.